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1. A picture of a person inside

2. A picture of a person outside

3. A Natural Portrait


4. A close up of an object

5. A picture of a building


6. A picture of a lot of something (chips)

7. A picture of a colour 

8. A picture of texture

9. A picture of a hand

10. A picture that shows repitition

11. A low angle picture

12. High angle picture

13. A picture of someone walking

14. A bonus picture of some sugar packets

15. A bonus picture of our school’s eagle

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Pic #1 –  JAWS VS. TITANIC  

First I found a picture of the jaws movie poster, I removed the swimming girl with the clone stamp tool by copying water from other parts of the picture to make it look as though she was never there. I then found a picture of the titanic and used the magnetic lasso tool to cut out the titanic and then moved the titanic onto the picture of jaws. Then I changed the colour my picture to black and white. Lastly I went to the filters menu and chose a “grain” filter to make the picture look older.


I used the clone stamp tool too remove th ebi planes from the background of h epicture by copyin gclouds over top of them. Next I found a picture of a banane and used the magnetic lasso tool to cut it out. To cover the banana up i made a background copy and cut out the portion of king kong’s hand I wanted to cover the banana, I then copied this to a new layer, and deleted my background copy. Next i moved the portion of king kong’s hand over the banana so it looked natural. Lastly I found a picture of the goodyear blimp and cut it out using the magnetic lasso tool, then I moved it onto the background of my photo.

Pic #3 Dear John Gritty Poster

i got this gritty effect on the Dear John poster by using different filters and blend modes. First I applied the “hard light” blend mode to my photo, then I duplicated my layer with the “hard light” blend mode until I was happy with the contrast and lowered the opacity tto 50% to finne tune it. I then added a new layer made it’s blend mode “hard light” and also filled with “50% grey” , I then added the “noise” filter to this layer and checked the gaussian nad monochromatic boxes in the noise menu to get my desired effect.


Pic #4 Goonies Poster Filter

To achive this effect I first used the magic wand tool to select the words “the goonies” I then inversed this selection and went to image-adjustments-black and white, and made it so the whole picture besides the words was black and white. Next (with the words still inversed) I went to filters menu and applied the “patchwork” filter to the picture. The wors “The Goonies” was left untouched in this photo to make it ‘pop’


Pic #5 Scarface-Pirate Mashup

The first thing I did was use the clone stamp tool to get rid of the fine print at the top of my picture. Next I found pictures of muzzel flash, a parrot, and someone wearing an eye patch. I began by opening my picture of a muzzel flash and using the magic wand tool to select the part of the picture I wanted. I then moved it into plce on my background and ‘scaled’ it to size. Next I got my photo of the parrot for this I used the lasso tool because the colours around it were all similar. After I cut it out I moved it into place on my background, scaled it to size, then used the “smudge” tool to make the edges smooth. Lastly I got my picture of the eye patch and cut it out using the magnetic lasso tool, then moved it onto my background and scaled it to size.


#6 Death Race Mash-up

For this photo I started out by finding a picture of the volkswagon beetle from the movie herbie, then using the magnetic lasso tool I cut out “herbie” and moved it onto the death race picture which was my background, I then used the “free transform” option to rotate and adjust hte size of herbie to make the car look like it was a part of the race. Next I found a picture of a unicorn and using the magic wand tool I selected the unicorn na dmoved it onto the picture so it was behind the cars, I then used the eraser tool to erase the parts of the unicorn which were over top of the cars, this made it look as thought the unicorn was behinde the two cars.

#7 Monsters Inc. Line Art

  I coloured this monsters inc. picture by using the colouring line art technique we learned. To colour each portion of the picture, I would make a new layer and use a solid colour fill to fill the layer with the colour of my choice this made the whole picture turn that colour . I would then “fill” my newly coloured layer with black using the paint bucket tool, this made the colour dissapear from the picture and it went back to normal.. Then i would choose the paint brush tool and select the colour white, then I would paint white over the areas I wanted to be that certain colour and the colour would appear.


#8 The Hangover Poster

First I used the quick mask tool by pressing “q” and painting over the areas of the chicken which I wanted to change the colour of then I pressed “q” again to select the area. Next I created a new layer and filled it with yellow, then I went to blending options and selected “soft light” and my chicken was  a nice yellow colour. Next I used the magnetic lasso tool to select the chicken, then I “inversed” the chicken and went to filters and selected the “cutout” filter and adjusted the various options until I was happy with the effect.

#9 James Bond Poster

To start I selected the colons stamp tool and got rid of the gun james bond was holding and made it appear as though he was holding a detonator in hand. Before I put an explosion into the picture I used the magic wand tool to select the letters in “Quantum Of Solace” then I right clicked and in the drop down menu chose “layer via copy”.Next I found a picture of an explosion on the internet and used the lasso tool to select the portion of the picture I wanted it and then moved it onto the james bond picture, I then reduced the opacity so I could see the things under the explosion and I erased portions of the explosion which were covering things, such as James Bond’s arm. Then I moved my layer copy of the title over top of the explosion this way the poster still had a title. Lastly I got a picture of a stealth bomber and used the magnetic lasso tool to select it and move it onto the background of my picture, I then used free transform to scale and rotate it until it looked good.




#10 Alice In Wonderland Cat

I began by using the quick mask tool to selct the ca’t fur so i could hcange it’s colour. I did this by pressing “q” and painting over the area I wanted coloured. I then pressed “q” again when I was done my selection, next I selected and inversed it. Then added a new layer and filled it with a green colour, then I went to belnding options and applied “soft light”. Next I used the magentic lasso tool to select the cat in the photo then I selected and inversed my slection. Then went to the filters menu and chose the “angled strokes” filter and my picture was finished.